Michael Timpone

Managing Director, Business Development

Michael Timpone joined ClearThink Capital in September, 2019.

Michael Timpone is a serial entrepreneur with decades of business acumen. Michael helped start Services Unlimited, a Cleaning and Supply Company, with his father when he was 15. Michael worked at the company throughout college and eventually ran all aspects of the company, growing it to an exponentially larger organization. While running ACE Supply, a division of Services Unlimited, Michael worked with Helena Durst and the Durst Organization, guiding them on their Going Green initiative. Later, Michael co-founded a law firm when he realized there was a need for foreclose defense during the 2008 financial crisis. While running all business operations of the firm, Michael grew the company into a successful enterprise, helping hundreds of people save their homes or modify their loans.

Michael graduated from The College of NJ with a B.S. in Business Management. Michael is also an investor with numerous real estate and financial investments. Michael is a Cancer survivor with a passion for nutrition and ambassador at ProCure Proton Therapy where he can help others.

Michael is a loving husband and father to two children, Michael and Alexa.