Shaun Cohen

Managing Director, Operational Consulting

Shaun Cohen, a seasoned business strategist with 20 years at the helm of sales and development in technology, commercial real estate, telecom, and fundraising, has a track record marked by innovation and leadership. He founded one of the nation’s preeminent real estate investment companies, starting with no seed capital.

In building this company, Shaun was instrumental in shaping various business units, including marketing, sales, operations, and finance, by implementing comprehensive manuals, directives, systems, and hiring top-tier personnel. His hands-on approach allowed him to manage hundreds of employees and independent contractors, tailoring a unique sales methodology. By extracting and blending the best practices from Sandler, SPIN, N.E.A.T., Solution, and SNAP techniques, he created an effective and responsive sales system.

A visionary leader, Shaun fostered a workplace culture characterized by passion and unwavering commitment to the mission and vision. This was especially apparent in his directive management of a developer team, where he guided the creation of a groundbreaking direct marketing technology in an emerging field.

Shaun assembled top-notch marketing and sales teams some of whose team members were responsible for the establishment and growth of marketing and sales divisions in renowned companies like Motorola, GE, Apple, HP, IBM, Sony, and NEC.